What can the Friends of the Public Garden do with $100?

Brewer benches(2)This month we launched our Spring membership drive to raise funds in support of the Boston Common, Public Garden and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. With your support we will keep these spaces beautiful, clean and continue to maintain the wonderful sculptures and monuments therein. 

A little bit can go a long way. Here’s what we can do with just $100: 

  • Install 10 tree labels with information about the tree and the donor who made it’s planting possible. 
  • 1 DED treatment. Treating trees for Dutch Elm Disease is an important way to make sure all of our trees remain healthy. To learn more about DED read here
  • 4 tree root stress treatments
  • Wash stone of Commodore John Barry
  • Wash stone of papal Mass Tablet

Support Friends by becoming a member today! 

Tree Label updates in the Boston Public Garden

Old tree labels were worn and damaged.
Old tree labels were worn and damaged.

On Thursday December 20th the Friends began the process of adding and changing the tree labels in the Public Garden with the help of a volunteer, Richard Williams. This is a first step in providing a valuable educational service to the users of the park. Each label will contain the following information: Species common name, botanical name, botanical family name, date planted (if known) and donor inscription (if the tree was donated in honor/memory of a loved one). Over the course of the day over 60 labels were installed with another 50 to go.

Tree Labels 035
Richard Williams affixing a label to a Crabapple tree in the Boston Public Garden.

In this first installation we began with the trees located along the edges of the newly paved pathways and continued around the Lagoon towards the Japanese Bell. The next 50 will target the main walking paths that leads users around the Lagoon, past the Goody Flag Pole and towards the Hadassah Gate or the Charles/Boylston Street corner. Please look out for us over the next week as we finish this phase of the tree labeling project. Stop and say hello, give our volunteer a big thanks or pause to learn more about the amazing collection of trees in the Public Garden.

Tree Labels 019