Overcoming the Challenges of Marathon Training

The Boston Marathon is just 11 weeks away! Team Friends is pumped and ready to tackle the challenges that come with running a race of this distance. In fact, many of our team members have had to overcome injuries or illnesses and navigate how time off would effect their training schedules. We’re happy to say that everyone is fully recovered and ready to train hard as we approach the home stretch of marathon preparations.

marathon cartoon 3

Team member, Allison Byrne suffered a foot injury that prevented her from running for 3 weeks. Allison used her time productively and hit the pool when she could not strap on those running shoes. She continues her training now with a better understanding of her body and feels confident she will be prepared to face Marathon Monday. Her goal is to build back up her mileage slowly to avoid risking another injury so close to race day.

Lori Shoemaker is a marathon pro. She’s been running since the age of 9 and has completed quite a few marathons over years. So she was not concerned when the “super flu” ran through her family, she knew training could wait until she was back in good health. Instead of stressing about how her performance would be affected by a break, she took a leisurely recovery and is back in the grind now. Lori feels confident that she will be ready by race day.
Brian Ladley was also out of commission for a few weeks with, what he calls, his “annual Christmas cold”. Brian is also no novice to marathon training. He knew he could afford to take a few weeks off in the early stages of his training and that he would benefit from allowing himself a full recovery before pushing his body too hard.

We’re happy that all the members of Team Friends are fully recovered and back on the road. This weekend was the longest run of the Fitcorp training program! We’ll be checking in with our runners soon to see how they felt after the run and any insight they’d like to share about training for a marathon!

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A Marathon Team Worth Cheering For

After many applications and deliberations, we are happy to say we have found the three remaining members of Team Friends to run the Boston Marathon. Back in November, we introduced our first marathon runner, Laura Jennings, and now it’s time to get to know the rest of Team Friends. We’ll let them tell you their stories themselves.

Allison Byrne

“I have just signed up to run the Boston Marathon. For those of you who know me well enough, my standard comment on any marathon is ‘I don’t even enjoy driving in a car for 4 hours much less running for that long!’ The longest I have ever run is 6.2 miles but I feel I am up to the challenge. I think with the recent loss of my sister and my dog, I have found extra motivation or confidence, or maybe it is simply a ‘you only live once’ attitude. I am going for it!

I will be running to raise money for the Friends of the Public Garden. This money supports Boston’s Public Garden, The Comm. Ave Mall and the Boston Common. These parks are near and dear to my heart. One of the last beautiful sites I was able to share with my sister was the Comm. Ave Mall tree lights at night this past winter. They really are magical. As for my dog, Murphy, he was the unofficial Mayor of Boston. We were always out on the Boston Common and he knew everyone! This past year a dedicated group of us dog owners have been working with the Friends of the Public Garden on getting approval from the city of Boston for the first Off-leash dog park on the Common. The application has just been submitted and we are all hopeful!  Stay tuned…

So it is easy for me to want to honor Karina and Murphy by raising money for these parks that enriched their lives and mine as well.  Please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal.”

Brian Ladley

“I am so excited to have the opportunity to run in the Boston Marathon!  I have been a ‘marathoner’ since I crossed the finish line of the Cape Cod Marathon in 2009 and since then I have run marathons in Philadelphia, New York City, and Bermuda. Whenever I tell anyone that I run marathons, their first question is always, ‘Have you run Boston?’ Even non-runners know Boston is special. Boston is the Holy Grail of marathons.

I started running in high school, and since then ran casually for many years. In 2003 I experienced significant hearing loss that continues to this day due to an illness. Running was my way to focus on my health and come to terms with my challenges of communication. It took me a while to realize that even though I might not be able to communicate effectively, I could still sure as heck run.

When I discovered Friends of the Public Garden was seeking runners, I was ecstatic. I knew this would be a perfect fit for me. I have truly loved visiting the Common, Public Garden and Commonwealth Ave Mall since I moved to Massachusetts in 2005. I understand the effort and resources it requires to keep these special places in excellent condition, available to the public and protected from commercial encroachment.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you will consider supporting me in this effort!”

Lori Shoemaker

“Green spaces are crucial to any city and Boston’s Common, Public Garden and the Commonwealth Ave Mall are truly extraordinary. When I was living in Boston, these green spaces were very much a part of my life and I always found ways to make sure they were on my route to where ever I was headed! While I live in Palo Alto now, Boston has a very special place in my heart and to be able to support the Friends of the Public Garden is truly an honour. My Mom, who died last year, loved trees, gardening and flowers and I called her on my cell phone many times from these parks. I am running this marathon in her memory and also in support of my Mom’s sister who just recently went through a similar medical emergency. The Boston Marathon is my Aunt’s favourite marathon to watch – given her battle this year, it is only fitting that I run 26.2 miles!”

Team Friends has already begun training and fundraising – neither of which can be done overnight! Each runner has a goal to raise a minimum of $5,000 in an effort that will markedly help to preserve the country’s oldest public parks and gardens. We hope you will support our Friends and runners by visiting our fundraising page. The Boston Marathon will take place on Monday, April 15, 2013.