Commonwealth Avenue Mall Featured in the Back Bay Sun

The  Commonwealth Avenue Mall was featured again in this week’s issue of the Back Bay Sun.

The caption reads: With last week’s warm days came fun in the parks. Kate Proctor had been watching the forecast because she wanted Back Bay resident, Basil Simon to continue her juggling lessons. When he’s not juggling with friends, Simon is an entertainer, DJ, and stilt-walker who performs as “The Amazing Baz.”

Photo, headline and copy credit: © 2011, Penny Cherubino.

Happy Holidays from the Friends of the Public Garden

The Friends of the Public Garden would like to wish everyone happy holidays. We would also like to take this moment to share an inspiring holiday story.

Mike Tierney, the man behind the maintenance of the Brewer Fountain, has been collecting all of the coins thrown into the fountain this year in order to donate them to the Make a Wish Foundation. A little boy he came across when cleaning the Brewer Fountain inspired this heartwarming idea.

The boy noticed the fountain while walking with his grandparents and exclaimed he found a wishing well. He asked for a coin which his grandfather gave him.  He tossed the coin in and immediately blessed himself and made his wish. With Mike’s initiative, everyone’s wishes together will help make one wish come true this holiday season.

Beacon Hill Garden Club to Donate $55,000 to the Friends

We are going to be celebrating a $55,000 donation from the Beacon Hill Garden Club for a remembrance grove for Boston Common. We would like to invite you to join us on November 18 at noon in front of the Brewer Fountain for a very special event. Our press release is below for more information:

The Beacon Hill Garden Club will donate $55,000—its largest donation to any organization—to the Friends of the Public Garden for the installation and maintenance of a remembrance grove as part of the restoration of the Brewer Fountain Plaza on Boston Common. The Beacon Hill Garden Club’s eleven-tree remembrance grove will honor deceased members including Jeanne Muller Ryan, Alex Norton, and Vera Innes. The grove will serve as a memorial for all the achievements that members, past and present, have and will accomplish during their lifetimes.

The donation represents the Beacon Hill Garden Club’s involvement in the Garden Club of America’s centennial celebration in 2013. With trees as the theme of the celebration, each participating club began a 5-year program in 2008 to work with community organizations in planting new trees. The Beacon Hill Garden Club Remembrance Grove is a significant planting within the Brewer Fountain Plaza project, which will transform this southeastern gateway into the park and add trees to an area of the city heavily used by Boston residents, commuters, and visitors.

Both organizations will celebrate the donation jointly on November 18 at noon, suitably in front of the Brewer Fountain on Boston Common. State Representative Marty Walz, State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz and Boston Parks Commissioner Antonia Pollack are expected to be in attendance with children from the Advent School and visual performance artist Katja Esser, who will embody the spirit and form of a tree using sound, movement, and poetry, costume and mask. Members of the general public are invited to attend as the Friends of the Public Garden and the Beacon Hill Garden Club meet the next generation of park supporters.