Friends to Raise Profile, First Stop: MBTA

Friends of the Public Garden's new visibility campaign features advertisements at locations throughout Boston.
Friends of the Public Garden’s new visibility campaign features advertisements at locations throughout Boston.

The Friends of the Public Garden has been working in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department to care for the Boston Common, Public Garden, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall for 44 years. The results of our work are well known and appreciated, such as tree and sculpture care in these parks, yet the majority of people recently asked about the Friends were largely unaware of our organization. This was the finding in a survey conducted by top-notch communications agency Hill Holiday in late 2013 as part of a generous pro bono project, a project made possible thanks to a connection made through Friends Council member Ron Druker. That finding came as no surprise. In fact, our leadership team had already been working on a plan to move the Friends organization forward and raise its profile, which culminated in the Strategic Plan, 2014-2018.


A new visibility campaign designed by Hill Holiday is aimed at introducing the Friends to a broader audience who know and love the parks we serve, but may be unaware of our central role in their care yesterday, today, and the role we plan to play in raising their level of excellence in the future. The first stop on the trek to raise visibility is signage appearing on donated advertising space on roughly 50 MBTA bus shelters and information kiosks, which prominently feature a new logo designed by Hill Holiday. Signage on buses and subways cars will follow. We hope that those who already know the Friends enjoy seeing our name and image around town, and we look forward to welcoming new Friends to connect with us.

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