What’s happening on Brewer Fountain Plaza on Boston Common?

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Thanks so much to everyone who has been in touch with the Friends to find out when Brewer Fountain Plaza will be activated with tables, chairs, books, music, and the much-anticipated Clover food truck.  It is wonderful to hear how much it is appreciated by one and all.

We have some good news and some news that may require a little more patience from our eager fans.  The good news is that the final stage of the $4 million renovation project to revitalize this area has officially kicked-off and the entire project will be completed this fall.  The news that requires a bit of patience is that due to construction in the coming weeks, the activation of this area is delayed.  Boston Marathon related activities on the Common moved the start-date back for this project.  All involved in the construction are working to make up for lost time, so stay tuned – we hope we will be back to the Plaza before our original estimated date of July.

“Construction fencing is currently being set up in two zones, one for staging and one where new lawn panels are being developed,” says Bob Mulcahy, Project Manager for the Friends of the Public Garden.  “It is exciting to see signs of the work that will be completed in this final phase of the project.  Pink markings on the walkways and current lawn panels outline the location of the new lawn panels that will be created.”

The final phase of the project will add greenspace and trees, reduce the scale of Layfayette Mall along Tremont Street, and restore the historic iron boundary fence along Tremont Street.  The fencing will reclaim this area as parkland by separating it from the busy street.

We look forward to celebrating the activation of the plaza with you. If you are interested in receiving updates on this and other projects, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter or email info@friendsofthepublicgarden.org.  You may also be interested in signing up for our e-newsletter.


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