Team Friends Starts Training

This past Saturday was the first day of Fitcorp training for Team Friends. Team members Laura Jennings and Allison Byrne attended the 6-mile long run starting from Fitcorp’s Beacon Hill location. The route was straight down Beacon Street to the Holiday Inn, where runners enjoyed a quick water break. Just before the run started, snow began falling from the sky. “I’ve never run in snow before,” Allison reported, “I guess I better start getting used to it now”.

As the runs increase in distance more water stops will be provided by the Fitcorp Team. Both Laura and Allison are first time marathoners and plan to attend as many training sessions as possible to make sure they are ready to conquer the Boston Marathon course! Laura is looking forward to hill training, which is scheduled to begin in January. “I’m not going to let heartbreak hill get me down,” Laura said, “I want to train on it until I love it–that’s going to be my favorite part of the race”.

To learn more about the runners or to make a donation please visit out fundraising page.


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