When Life Gives You a Bathroom, Make a Sandwich Shop

In early summer of 2012, there were rumors in the air that an old Boston Common men’s restroom that had been deserted for years was suddenly the desired location for Earl of Sandwich‘s next big project. Construction on the building had started in May, and after many months, that notion had become a reality.

The restroom was built in the 1920’s and is located near the baseball field and tennis court, and the Parkman Bandstand. The restroom has also been referred to as the “Pink Palace” due to the pinkish hue of the masonry. However, the building had been completely unoccupied since the 1970’s. We are thrilled that something finally could be done to revitalize the area on the Boston Common. And it certainly surprised us to learn that the company Earl of Sandwich was founded by the decedents of John Montagu, the man who one day discovered that putting meat between two slices of bread was an easy and delicious way to eat dinner.

Earl of Sandwich: Boston Common Edition had its grand opening ceremony last Monday on a beautiful fall day. Hundreds gathered around the new shop where the ribbon was cut and free sandwiches were given out. Below we’ve gathered photos taken by visitors to the shop, and we hope to see many more in the future.

The city of Boston is delighted to bring life back to this corner of the Common. Go check it out, eat a hot sandwich and use a different restroom because the one there is for employees only!

Photo from Boston Parks & Recreation
Inside the shop (photo from Boston Parks & Recreation)
Tasty photo by Phantom Gourmet

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