Making Steps to Improve Pathways in Boston Parks

City crews have been working hard in the Public Garden the past few weeks improving pathways and site drainage in the Northeast quadrant. This work in the Public Garden is the first step in a larger plan to improve drainage, as well as repave and spot-treat the pathways in the Public Garden, Boston Common and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. We hope that this project will reduce tripping and puddling issues during heavy rain.

Jacquelyn Goddard of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department told Beacon Hill Patch, “As it is a paving project we hope that it will be a just a brief disruption to the community and users of the parks. The goal of this project is to improve pedestrian accessibility within the parks by improving the pathways in greatest decline.”  In addition, the McArthur Mall of the Boston Common will now have an infiltration basin installed underground, which will be able to collect rain water and release it into the ground, preventing puddles. Another benefit of repaving the pathways is that it will improve the general appeal of the parks as well.

FOPG staff took a stroll through the Public Garden and captured photos of the construction being done on the pathway. We also had to make sure that the Make Way for Ducklings statue was protected by installing protective fencing around the monument.

Friends’ is always interested in taking on projects that support our mission of preserving and maintaining Boston parks. The pathway and drainage improvements will certainly provide pedestrian safety and accessibility. We also want to thank the Boston Parks and Recreation Department for their dedication to this project! If Boston residents or visitors have any questions or concerns about the project, please feel free to contact the Parks department at (617) 635 – 7275 or

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