Dog plan for the Boston Common is in the works

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Back in June we posted on our website about proposing a new plan for regulating the canine visitors that frequent the Boston Common. Many months later, FOPG has officially submitted an application to the City of Boston with a detailed plan.

Our goal is “to engage dog owners as active stewards of the park, to establish and enforce clear rules and expectations around dogs in the park, and to create a long-term, sustainable mechanism for restoring and renewing those areas of the park that are used for dog recreation.” In other words, we’d like to provide dedicated space for owners to walk their dogs untethered, as long as the area is maintained. This would allow dog-less visitors to enjoy their time on the Common as well.

Currently, there is an area below the Joy Street steps and above the Frog Pond playground that is designated for off-leash use during certain times of the day. However, it is in desperate need of restoration, FOPG will be contributing $8,000 for that cause. In addition, we propose to create 4 new spaces on Tremont and Beacon streets that will be on rotation, with repairs to be done after each rotation.

Unfortunately, this cannot be a government-funded program. FOPG invites private organizations, as well as the dog owner community, to contribute what they can in hopes that we can put the plan into effect!

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