Get Ready for September 29th

Make Way for Ducklings, photo from Nancy Shön’s website

The last Saturday of September is bringing with it a whirlwind of events in Boston! In addition to our highly anticipated 25th birthday celebration of Nancy Shön’s Make Way for Ducklings statue, will be host “Running with the Bridesmaids” at the Common and the Boston Natural Areas Network is having a tree planting in Dorchester. These three events will make for an exciting day in the Boston area!

Your day may begin at 10am donning your favorite (or least favorite) bridesmaid dress and a good pair of running shoes. You meet at the Boston Common as a team or a lone runner. A horn will blow and you will run, skip, hop or prance through the park. Not only will it be good fun, but the mile-long run can be your source of exercise for the day. Be aware, however, that all bridesmaids are required to register before the event in order to keep tabs on the number of inappropriately formal people planning to flood the Common that day.

Logo from

After you cross the Common in its entirety, you notice a scene of laughing children, festivities and party hats in the Public Garden. You continue your run to the Charles Street @ Beacon Street entrance of the Public Garden where FOPG will be throwing our duckling party from 10am-1pm. You decide to stop by, knock back some cold water and enjoy the music and magic our entertainers have to offer.

You’re so caught up in the celebration that you forget that you’re still wearing a bridesmaids dress. After a quick change at your desired location, you make your way to catch the red line to Dorchester. Though you’ve already had an eventful morning, the afternoon is just getting started and BNAN’s afternoon shift of the tree planting is on until 4pm! You help to celebrate National Public Lands Day by doing your part and planting trees in Dorchester’s beautiful Neponset Park. (Directions via public transportation can be found here).

By the time 4pm rolls around, you can certainly feel good about your involvement with the Boston community. And it may not be a stretch that it was the most fun you had all week!

Arjun of Dorchester volunteers with BNAN (photo from Facebook)

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