Labor Day Weekend in Dance and Music

You can’t help but marvel at how quickly the summer went by. Between the Public Garden and the Boston Common, there was no shortage of ways to celebrate the warm weather days. Labor Day Weekend (or also known around here as the Student Invasion) in particular was bountiful in outdoor activities!

Spectacle Island was host to a Berklee Jazz Concert, Marlborough boasted it’s annual Labor Day parade and the Boston Common had its own (free) activities up its sleeve this weekend. On Saturday the Societies of Spontaneity in Boston formed a “Dance Walking Fitness Class,” which felt less like exercise and more like an amusing way to confuse the folks around them.

Photo by Dance Walker Alissa Daniels
“Getting fit at Park St Station” by Dance Walker Alissa Daniels

Dance Walkers moved through Boston to the beat of the dance music that played in their ears. We’d also like to add that the fitness class covered all three of FOPG’s public spaces, starting from the Commonwealth Avenue Mall between Clarendon and Berkeley, dancing through the Public Garden and ending in the Common at the Brewer Plaza. Judging by the photos and enthusiastic comments on the Society’s Facebook page, it sounded like a success!

On Sunday night the Frog Pond was transformed into an amphitheater in preparation for our Laser Light Show in collaboration with Radio BDC and the Skating Club of Boston. We were delighted to see the massive crowd that piled onto the banks of the pond as well as lemonade vendors and the Public Garden’s balloon man. Instead of a spray fountain, there was a giant inflatable screen in addition to a light system that was sure to dazzle. Set to classic U2 hits, the lights played off abstract and/or literal translations of each song. What better way to wrap up the end of a spectacular summer than with a spectacular laser light show!

The crowd at the Laser Light Show. Photo courtesy of Greg Wong

How was your Labor Day Weekend? Tell us about it on Twitter! 

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