Jazz it up at the Brewer Fountain

The Public Garden and Boston Common have long been home to a great variety of talented musicians. It is hard to imagine a leisurely stroll through the Public Garden without the lonely croon of a saxophone or lively pluck of a violin wafting through the air.

But this summer music is front and center right next to the Brewer Fountain. Jazz Trios and Quartets will entertain visitors in the Boston Common on Thursdays from 5-7 p.m.

The piano that they will use has a unique history of its own. Built in 1885 in Cambridge, the piano was rescued from storage earlier this year and was donated by M. Steinert and Sons. A&P Woodworking in East Boston was then able to transform the ancient instrument into a sophisticated machine of 19th century design and 21st century technology. The piano is newly equipped with a FP7 keyboard, a mixing board and a speaker system, all powered by a solar collector located on top.

Expect to see one of Boston’s most prized musical instruments every Thursday for the rest of the summer. Watch the video clip below for a preview!

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