Celebrate the 4th of July on the Boston Common and Public Garden!

Boston’s been busy gearing up for Fourth of July this Wednesday.  City-dwellers have different approaches to celebrating our nation’s birthday, many head out of town to enjoy a relaxing couple of days on the Cape but many others stick around to join in the festivities, not to mention those visiting the city to check out the Fourth of July celebrations. In town there are any number of activities to keep you busy this fourth of July.

Take advantage of your day off from work to come to the Boston Common for its warmer weather activities. The new carousel is now officially open and features lots of new characters for families to see! The Frog Pond Spray Pool just re-opened this past Friday, so you can cool off as the day heats up.

In the Public Garden, go on a historic Swan Boat ride and see the ducklings, swans and other animals who call the Public Garden home. Just a quick reminder–the Swan Boats do not operate in rainy or extremely hot weather throughout the summer! Continue your way through the garden and over to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall to enjoy a stroll on this historic promenade. The Public Garden is also home to one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, which is a great location for photos.

No matter what your plans are in Boston on the Fourth, be sure to stay cool and safe!

Happy Fourth of July!

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