Our Top 5 Photo Picks for Spring 2012

We’ve had such a lovely spring in the Public Garden and Boston Common. During this time of year, many people come from all over the world to experience Boston’s historic beauty and we’re honored that our parks can be a part of it.

Lots of our visitors have shared their gorgeous photos of the Public Garden and Boston Common via our Twitter account (@FOPG). We’ve been more than happy to post them to our Twitter and Facebook pages! Several photos from the spring have been a big hit, so we decided to compile a list of our top five Twitter photos from those who have visited our parks this spring! Enjoy!

The following photo from @erikendress was taken on April 23rd in the Public Garden. As you know, we can’t get enough of the Swan Boats and neither can our Facebook friends and Twitter followers! This photo of the beloved boats in the Public Garden received lots of “likes” on our page. Great work, @erikendress!

Our next great photo came from @ialhazza on the same day as the first snapshot, April 23rd! This photograph was also taken in the Public Garden–this time at night. Visitor @ialhazza was walking through the Public Garden and decided to take a great picture of the Garden. Once it was uploaded on Twitter, we posted it and the photo immediately became a hit on Facebook. Thanks for the great picture, @ialhazza!

Spring is a vibrant and pretty season in the Public Garden. We love planting flowers and watching them bloom as the weather gets nicer. One of our favorite pictures from the springtime features three different rows of flowers from the Public Garden. When @circleoftwo posted the photo to Twitter on May 2nd, we knew we had to put the snapshot on Facebook and Twitter for our friends and followers to see! I think we can all agree that @circleoftwo took a beautiful, colorful picture.

This spring was a special one for us because we were able to reveal the new Brewer Fountain Plaza in Boston Common on May 2nd! We had a wonderful time celebrating the completion of the fountain with Mayor Menino and many other Bostonians.  Shortly after the re-opening of the Brewer Fountain Plaza, @erikastweet posted this picture on Twitter. We decided to relay the image to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and we’re glad we did. Nice work, @erikastweet! We love our renovated Brewer Fountain and this picture!

Last but not least, @lindsyluu took one of our favorite springtime pictures from the Public Garden on April 18th. We love seeing what happens to the trees in between the winter and spring. This snapshot from @lindsyluu is definitely one of the best tree shots we’ve had all spring! All in all, great work!

Do you have a favorite photo from the spring? Remember to tweet us with your best shots of the Boston Common and Public Garden as summer approaches! Who knows, maybe your photo will end up on this blog!

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