Honoring the Rose Brigade

It’s 5:00 on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Though the Public Garden can’t count on having the many visitors it has during a sunny day, it can certainly count on the Rose Brigade.

A dedicated group in charge of maintaining the rose beds, the Rose Brigade is the reason why the roses always look their best. An entirely voluntary group, the Rose Brigade welcomes new members of all ages and emphasizes a non-committal relationship. Brigade leader China Altman is celebrating her 25th anniversary with the initiative, and advises potential volunteers to “try it and see if it makes you happy,” as it has made her for 25 years.

The four rose beds of the Public Garden each have their own names. There’s Tiffany, who lives in the quadrant by the Arlington and Boylston streets. Ether resides in the Arlington/Beacon Street quadrant, and Mr. Hale and Mr. Lincoln are two smaller beds who hang out near the Charles Street entrance.

When the roses bloom as bright as the summer day is long, you will know whom to thank.  For information on how to get involved, you can contact China via phone (617-933-9926) or email (china.altman@verizon.net). The Brigade meets every Tuesday from 5-7 PM June through September. Once October rolls in the shorter days, the Brigade will meet earlier in the afternoon.

Volunteers of the Rose Brigade will happily tell you how rewarding it is to see the roses you’ve cared for being enjoyed by all.

China Altman and the Rose Brigade

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