Clover Food Truck Comes to the Common!

The Boston Common has seen many improvements over the past few weeks. First, we celebrated the opening of the Brewer Fountain Plaza. With the Brewer Fountain newly restored and live piano music daily the plaza makes for the perfect lunch-time retreat. The Common also received better curbs, pathways and benches in order to improve the area around our beloved Brewer Fountain. Finally, the Liberty Mall has a brand-new irrigation system that will stimulate better grass-growth and leave us with a stunning green pathway leading up to the State House.

With all of these improvements, we thought life couldn’t get any better. However, the Clover food truck is another amazing addition to a vibrant part of our city! Located next to the Brewer Fountain Plaza, the food truck serves delicious vegetarian food to anyone taking a lunch break in the Boston Common. Clover prides itself on fresh, local ingredients that would make any Bostonian smile.

The next time you’re in the Boston Common, give Clover a try. It’s there seven days a week, from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. And of course, check out the new Brewer Fountain Plaza if you haven’t already!

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