Return of the Swans

Photo courtesy of Marek Szczepanek

Plans for 24th Annual Return of the Swans event at the Public Garden have been newly updated!* Please join us this Monday, May 7th to celebrate Romeo and Juliet’s reintroduction to their summer home. They had previously migrated south for the winter—to the Franklin Park Zoo! As Boston’s two favorite swans Romeo and Juliet enjoy quite the homecoming celebration even Mayor Menino will make an appearance to welcome them back!

At 9:15am, we will host a parade beginning at the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street (right near the Make Way for Ducklings statue). Led by a brass band, the parade will conclude at the Boylston Street side of the lagoon where the official ceremony will begin at 9:30. Additional entertainment and refreshments provided by the Four Seasons Hotel and H.P. Hood LLC will also be available.

We are so excited about this event, and we expect it to add a little extra fun to Boston’s Monday morning!

For more information, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department will be happy to take any calls (617-635-4505), or you can visit their Facebook page:

*As of May 4th, 1:10pm

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