On April 14th the Swan Boats are Back and Ready to “Row”

The Public Garden has recently been revitalized as we refilled the lagoon for the 135th time. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see swans – both wooden and regular – making their way back to the pond.  This is an event we certainly look forward to every year, as an active Duck Pond during the warmer months brings renewed life to the Public Garden.

The Paget family and friends have owned and operated the Swan Boats since 1877.  A local scribe (quoted in the Swan Boats website) once said, “The Swan Boats are cruising and the ducks are chasing peanuts. It will be just that way for a hundred springs from now, we hope. The New Boston is here and maybe some day there will be a new, New Boston, but good old Boston, like the Swan Boats, quietly glides on forever.”

The crew that makes it all possible is a dedicated bunch eager to share the history and beauty of our city.  The Swan Boat drivers are sociable and knowledgeable students who are strong enough to operate the boats. Maintenance and ticket sellers are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the Swan Boat experience run smoothly. It is because of the crew’s hard work that we are all able to enjoy this watery tour through the Public Garden.

Though we’ve had a mild winter this year, we always look forward to the Swan Boats as one of the sure signs that spring is here. Opening day is this Saturday, so be sure to head over to the Duck Pond to celebrate the 135th season of Boston’s prized Swan Boat tours!

Hours & Fares

Spring (April to June 20) 10 am to 4 pm
Summer (June 21 to Labor Day) 10 am to 5 pm
Fall (After Labor Day) 12 pm to 4 pm Weekdays
10 am to 4 pm Weekends

Adults $2.75
Children $1.50 (age 2 to 15 years)
Seniors $2.00

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