Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month this April!

April is here and with it comes beautiful springtime weather in the city of Boston and the rest of the country. April is officially recognized as National Lawn and Garden Month in honor of the beautiful weather throughout the US! The Boston Common and the Public Garden are popular destinations for tourists, locals and everyone in between throughout April since they both are green and blooming with flowers at this time of year. Of course, you should also celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month by sprucing up your own front yard with fresh flowers, green grass and all the fixings of a perfect springtime garden.

If you’re in the city during the month of April, come visit the Public Garden and Boston Common for some spectacular trees, grass and flowers that embody the spirit of National Lawn and Garden Month. During the springtime, you can walk around and spot many different types of flowers and trees, including the magnolias we wrote about earlier this year.

What can you look for in the Public Garden during April and the early spring? Keep an eye out for trees that are beginning to flower all over the Common and Public Garden. The magnolias are some of the most popular trees, but make sure to check out the rest of them while you’re there! Around the third and fourth weeks of April, be on the lookout for tulips. These flowers are ideal for National Lawn and Garden Month! If you really want to see the tulips in the Garden, be sure to stop by in the springtime–these beautiful bulbs are gone by the first week of June.

The Public Garden and the Boston Common would be nothing in the spring without their abundance of fresh, green trees. The next time you visit the Public Garden, make sure you enjoy a Swan Boat ride–don’t forget to take note of all the green trees, especially the famous weeping willow!

During National Lawn and Garden Month, come into Boston and appreciate the trees and flowers here at the Boston Common and Public Garden. Don’t forget to take your camera with you! Tweet us your best springtime pictures @FOPG or post them on our Facebook page!

Enjoy National Lawn and Garden Month!

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