Public Garden Flowers Spring Forward

Though Punxsultawney Phil did see his shadow on Groundhog Day, we think it’s safe to say that his “6 more weeks of winter” prediction was wrong. We’ve had such a mild Winter, it feels as though Spring has been hinting at its arrival for weeks.

In honor of the official first day of Spring tomorrow, we want to alert you of the more obvious signs of the season around The Public Garden. Besides returning swan boats, ducks and an active pond, The Public Garden is more than ready to present its lovely flowers once again. Horticulturalists and unofficial flower enthusiasts alike should look out for budding blossoms over the next few weeks.

Flowers are starting to poke their heads above the ground.

As we spy more roses, tulips and daffodils, several insects and birds will begin to make their appearances as well. Soldier flies, female bees and syrphid flies are attracted to the roses, as the flowers provide pollen but no nectar. Male bees are normally drawn to flowers with exposed nectar, so you’re unlikely to find them hovering around the rose petals.

You will find those nectar-driven bees is around the tulips. The bright colors of their petals entice bees and hummingbirds alike, which feed on the sweet nectar it produces. Fun side note: Daffodils are no longer particularly attractive to insects, according to Honey Bee Suite. Because plant breeders select for beauty, it also reduces the amount of pollen or nectar the flower originally produced.

We encourage you to enjoy what’s left of the cold season because Spring is coming in like a lion, and its bringing the Public Garden’s lovely flowers with it!

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