Parks Department to monitor Dutch Elm Bark Beetle

As part of the ongoing maintenance of elm trees in the Boston Common, Public Garden and the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, the City, in partnership with The Friends of the Public Garden, has been working on an elm bark beetle monitoring program.  This new approach is in line with current integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to reduce the amount of chemicals used to control harmful insect populations.  The traps set will give us important data on the elm beetle populations such as numbers of beetles and timing of their generational hatching, this data will then help us form a more effective and environmentally friendly management program.

The traps themselves will be 18.5″x 28″ plywood painted green with a pheromone trap in the center, attached to trees at a height of about 15′.  The current plan is to have 4 each in the Common and Public Garden and 3 in the Fenway Victory garden.  Each trap must be at least 150′ away from any elm trees which is why they cannot be placed on the Mall.  There will be signage included explaining the function of the traps, and the Park line as a contact number for any questions.  There are no pesticides involved in the traps.  The traps will go up no earlier than the first of March and will be removed no later than the first of October.

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