A New Magnolia Will Glow in the Garden

The Public Garden’s family will soon be blessed with a beautiful new addition: a Magnolia Virginana “Moon Glow”. The Garden Club of the Back Bay has graciously donated the tree in celebration of their 50th anniversary in 2013.

For almost 50 years, The Garden Club of the Back Bay has made it a special tradition to adorn the streets of Commonwealth Avenue with magnolia trees. According to organization’s facebook page, their mission is:

“to promote civic beauty and horticultural improvements, to advance and encourage the art of gardening and study, to cooperate with other organizations, agencies and instrumentalities in furthering the interests of gardening and conservation, to improve and ornament the streets and public squares of the City of Boston by planting and cultivating ornamental trees…”

On average, the club has planted 10 trees per year along the streets and manages the pruning for about 30 other trees in the city.

“We couldn’t be more honored to plant our first magnolia tree in the Public Garden, a space that epitomizes successful, beautiful green space in the heart of the city,” said Jackie Blombach, Co-president of the Garden Club.

Public Garden Executive Director Elizabeth Vizza

Elizabeth Vizza, Executive Director of the Friends of the Public Garden has strategically chosen to plant the magnolia tree on the lagoon island, a visible and special location in the park.


What exactly are Magnolia Virginana trees & how will you be able to spot the “Moon Glow”?

Magnolia Virginana, also known as “sweet bay”, are typically found in the southeastern part of the country. There are over 80 different species of magnolia trees all around the world. The “Moon Glow” is a semi-evergreen with large, glossy foliage. It’s distinctive leaves are bright green on top with silver on the lower side. Once fully matured, the approximate height and spread ranges between 30 to 35 feet. The name “Moon glow” is attributed to its color as it blooms a creamy white, circular-shaped flower with a lemon fragrance.

Magnolia Virginiana "Moon Glow" flower
Magnolia Virginiana "Moon Glow" flower coming soon to the Public Garden

Early spring is the best time to plant these trees. Flowers blossom in the late spring and remain open for weeks, well into the summer season. Stick around for the fall, when moon glow berries will attract songbirds to the Garden.

The Public Garden received the first of 50 magnolia trees that are now up for sale. Trees are priced at a special celebratory discount for $500 each, which includes delivery to the site, professional planting and mulching of the trees for next spring. Trees are available for purchase now and can be ordered through the Garden Club’s web site.

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