Celebrating the birthday of an American Hero

There is no question that Boston is a city deeply connected to its historical roots. Monuments throughout Boston’s Public spaces pay tribute to those people and events that have shaped Boston into the city it is today.  On President’s Day it seems appropriate to discuss the particularly impressive monument of George Washington located near the Arlington Street entrance to the Public Garden. Though George Washington’s birthday is still two days away, take advantage of your day off and walk in Washington’s footprints!

There are several sites throughout the city that honor the nation’s first president. We suggest starting with, our favorite, his sculpture in the Public Garden (but go out of order if you must!). Unveiled on July 3, 1869, Washington on horseback is certainly a distinguished monument, and we have been working hard to keep it preserved. Enjoy a walk through the gardens and a visit to this statue.

If you can pull yourself away from the beauty of the Public Garden, there are several other sites around Boston honoring our Founding Father.  Washington’s personal collection of books and pamphlets are on display in the Boston Athenaeum at 10 ½ Beacon Street. In an effort to keep this collection from being sold to the British Museum, the Athenaeum and Bostonians together raised nearly $4,000 to keep them where they belong.

You can also walk in Washington’s shoes and visit the King Chapel on the corner of Beacon and Tremont. This was where Washington frequently attended services.

Lastly, you can hop on the Red line towards Harvard Square to the Longfellow House, Washington’s headquarters on Brattle Street. He used this building as his home during the American Revolutionary War. On February 22, Washington’s official 280th birthday, the headquarters will be having an open house.

Happy Presidents’ Day to everyone, and a special Happy Birthday to our founding father, George Washington!

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