Friends Members Meet to discuss the problems faced by Urban Trees

Henry Davis provides valuable Tree-education

Last night at our annual Members Reception, Friends received a valuable Tree-education. Guest speaker Henry Davis, a consulting arborist and great friend, described many of the problems faced by urban trees and what action should be taken to ensure they remain a vital part of the community. Davis spoke about the importance of preserving and protecting the trees and discussed the possibility of finding varieties of trees that are well-suited for urban growth.

Photo slides provided examples of both healthy and unhealthy trees. Pruning, Mr. Davis explained, is vital to the life of a healthy urban tree. Trees in the city are confined by a lack of space and compacted soil, as such their roots do not grow deeply or extensively. Because the root system is restricted the size and height of the tree should also be restricted.

Photos helped illustrate the importance of regular pruning.

Mr. Davis took a few moments of the end of his presentation to answer questions from the crowd. Afterwards guests were invited to stay for a wine and cheese reception. Overall, it was a very successful evening. Thank you everyone who attended! Special thanks to Henry Davis for being such a great advocate of the trees.

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