Preservation a priority for Benches Carved in Stone

The summer was rife with activity for the Public Garden, Boston Common and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. In addition to many exciting community activities Friends have been working hard to ensure the preservation of our most beloved monuments.

You may recall a recent post describing the restoration and rededication of the Civil War Bench by the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (for the full story click here).  The Civil War bench is one of four stone benches on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. The other benches are the Howard Bench, the Merwin Bench and the Dewart Bench. Each has a unique history and this summer they all received some much needed attention.

Below are photos of the recently restored benches. Check out this article in the Back Bay Sun for a brief description of the history of each of these great commemorative monuments.

Dewart Bench- Near Dartmouth Street, this bench is inscribed in memory of William Herbert Dewart and his wife, Elizabeth Haven Dewart.
Merwin Bench- Near Berkeley Street, this bench is dedicated to Henry Childs Merwin. Members of the Merwin family contributed funds for it's rejuvenation.
Howard Bench- Located near Arlington Street and dedicated to Charles Pagelsen Howard. This memorial was designed by artist Joseph Coleth. Photo courtesy of Clueless in Boston.
Civil War Bench Dedication. Erected by the Massachusetts Department Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War in 1861 and restored by the same group this summer.

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