Skating in the Schools: New Frog Pond Program offers Opportunities for Children.

This year The Skating Club of Boston will be introducing  a new after school program called Skating in the Schools. Students who participate in the program will receive free skating lessons at the Frog Pond one day per week. In addition to lessons, each child will receive a complimentary season pass to the skating rink, normally a $150 value. Season passes will provide students with the opportunity to put what they learn to good use. Rather than being limited to one hour each week on the ice, passes give students the flexibility to return to the frog pond again and again to practice their new talents. Program coordinators hope that students will come to see the Frog Pond as a place to go after school and a weekend destination.

Washington Irving Middle School will pilot this great opportunity beginning on Monday, December 5th and continuing through Monday, February 13th. As part of the program buses provided by The Friends of the Public Garden will transport students to and from their lessons at the Frog Pond. Principal Arthur Unobsky has been working with sponsors and collaborators to ensure that the program is designed to maximize student safety. Cheri Rigby of The Skating Club of Boston expects Skating in the Schools to be, “Good, clean fun”.

Many of the students enrolled might never have had an opportunity to get on the ice otherwise. “What child won’t benefit from this?” says Rigby, “A little exercise, a little fresh air…just foot loose, fancy-free activity”.  Representatives from The Skating Club of Boston are working with Carol Johnson, superintendent of schools, to expand this program and include other local schools. It is hoped that Skating in the Schools will continue for years to come!

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