Brewer Fountain Closer to Completion Every Day!

The Brewer fountain and plaza are beginning to show signs of completion. Newly planted elms give the plaza a welcoming air and also help to define the space, creating part of the outdoor room of the Brewer plaza area. The informal bosque of trees behind the Brewer truly help frame the fountain as a terminal point.
Brewer Fountain
This exciting panorama shows the Brewer Fountain as it sits within the newly planted elm trees.
Below is an image of one of the Homestead Elms recently planted in the plaza. In maturity, these fast growing elms will reach a height of almost 60 feet and have a branch spread of almost 35 feet. Dark green leaves will turn a rich yellow in fall. The elms will serve to accentuate the Liberty Mill pathways and will help enhance the designated axis between the State House, Shaw Memorial and the Brewer Fountain.
Just one example of the newly planted Homestead Elms.
It will be such a wonderful change to be able to stroll up to this beautiful fountain. The project grows closer to completion each day and we are all eager to be able to enjoy the enhanced beauty of the Brewer fountain and the space in which it sits.  It is an exciting time to see the project come together. There will be many changes happening in the construction site over the next few weeks, check back here for updates!
This image shows the actual grade of the Brewer plaza once completed.

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