Frog Appreciation Day Teaches Important Lessons in Conservation

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Despite a Friday night T-storm that left the spray pool closed for business, the first ever Frog Appreciation Day was a great success! Over 1,000 people came out to enjoy fun and games while learning about the importance of wildlife conservation.  Zoo New England staff were on site to answer any frog-related questions and provided educational tips about how to protect amphibians.

Tips included:

  • Do not purchase African clawed frogs or any pet frog. The popularity of frogs as pets is definitely a factor in the declining wild frog population.
  • Recycle to keep waterways clean.
  • Use biodegradable and other “green” cleaning products to keep phosphate use down.

For more information on Zoo New England’s amphibian conservation efforts click here.

Children who attended had fun, but they also learned a lot! There were live frogs on display, skeleton frogs for teaching purposes and brightly colored neon (toy) frogs that were a huge hit with the really young kids.  Everyone learned about the life cycle, habitat and challenges that face some frog species today.

One of the big highlights was the release of the frogs.  (Not real frogs!)  Rather frog beach balls!!  Every child got to take one home.  It was great! Additionally: The Green Rockers  (ages 9-16) performed.  The group came highly recommended and the live music really made the event.

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Other compliments to the event were:
  • Free children’s passes to Franklin Park and Stone Zoo
  • Face painting done by an incredibly talented artist who also works for Cirque du Soleil
  • A craft table where kids made little felt bean-bag froggies.  (Very popular, we had made 50 in the first hour and ran out of supplies!!)
  • A local resident even pitched in with designed cool, frog clogs!  (
The carousel was packed as usual and good times were had at ‘the frog”!!
We are already excited about next years event!

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