Boston Common is Perfect for Puppets

On Thursday, August 18th the Boston Common hosted a live puppet performance for the first time since 1995. Friends of the Public Garden is pleased to be a sponsor for the successful return of this great family past-time. Charlotte Ann Dore, actor-puppeteer, entertained grandparents, mothers and children of all ages with her performance of “Rosalita and the Giant Bugs”.

This Alice in Wonderland derived storyline is about a Bostonian girl named Rosalita, who finds herself in a dilemma when her curiosity leads her to drink from a bottle laying in the Common. As a result, she shrinks to an insect-sized human. Charlotte involves viewers in her show by asking them to help Rosalita on her quest to normality.

Thursday afternoon proved to be quite an adventure for the youngsters as they joined Rosalita on her mission to find the mystical dragonfly, who would grant her wish to return to human size. Along the way, Rosalita and the kids encountered a number of friendly arthropods: an amicable beetle, a fuzzy spider, a giant bumblebee and a queen ant. Children and adults actively engaged in the show by singing along, chanting and cheering. Some tots were even brave enough to chase after the giant bugs. It turned out to be a pleasantly wonderful afternoon to enjoy a snack with entertainment for all.

The moral of the story is “don’t drink trash”, but most importantly protect and conserve the Common by not littering. At the end of the show, all gathered in a circle to personally meet and greet the entire puppet crew.

Gather the little ones and join us for the second show next Thursday, August 25th at 2:30pm in the Common’s Parkman Bandstand. The performance will be Aesop’s Fables. See you there!

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