Brewer Fountain Construction Update

The Brewer Fountain Plaza project is proceeding well, after a delay this
spring that will mean a later end date. Look for signs this week orienting
people around the site and announcing that construction will be complete
this fall.

The fountain is wrapped to protect it from construction debris.

This week our contractors pulverized the paths in the upper part of the
site, and will be able to reuse that material as subbase in the lower part
of the site.

The process grinds up the existing asphalt and subbase
materials. This has been an enormous savings of money and has allowed us to
reduce waste by recycling existing material. It also means much less truck
traffic through the Common hauling off debris. The trade-off, however, was
that we needed to fence off the entire project site, rather than doing the
construction in two phases and keeping the diagonal path open from Park
Street station up the hill toward Beacon Street, a well-used path through
the Common. We appreciate everyone’s patience!

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