Memorial Day Flags on Boston Common

Photo courtesy of Harron Ellenson

This Memorial Day weekend, Boston Common plays host to a patriotic display of flags to honor fallen Massachusetts soldiers. Each flag represents one citizen who has died from World War I to today: a total of nearly 20,000 American flags. Families of the soldiers will visit during the weekend, bringing mementos and photos to place beside their loved one’s flag. The memorial was set up by dedicated volunteers for the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund after a ceremony at the Boston Common’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

The sea of red, white, and blue flags serves as a reminder of what Monday’s holiday should truly be about: remembering those who lost their lives doing service to their country. Veterans involved in the project hope that stopping by Boston Common’s flag display will unite the city on this patriotic day. Boston Common is a fitting canvas for the memorial, as it often brings Boston residents together with its centrally-located, open space that creates a canvas for city life to coexist.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Flags on Boston Common

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  2. H B

    To honor my father and his 2 tours of duty during WW2 I made a special trip (100+ miles round trip) to see these flags and take photos for my elderly virtually house-bound father. However, all the flags were already gone by the time I got there at 5 PM on Memorial Day! There were a lot of other people looking for them too! Apparently ungrateful Massachusetts doesn’t understand that Monday was Memorial Day, NOT Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for nothing liberal Massachusetts!

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