Support Sunlight for Boston Parks

Support the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common by signing a petition to protect certain parks from shadows. The bill, Bill H .1169, An Act Protecting Sunlight in Certain Public Parks, is sponsored by State Representatives Martha Walz and Byron Rushing. It seeks to expand and clarify the current laws that protect the sunlight on the beloved Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common by limiting new shadows. Specifically, the bill would prohibit any new construction or building remodeling from blocking sunlight and casting new shadows on six additional public parks. The goal of the bill is to allow reasonably-scaled development near the parks while protecting sufficient sunlight for the health of the park environment and the enjoyment of its users.

Five Boston parks and one Cambridge park will be protected by the bill are:

* The Back Bay Fens
* Christopher Columbus Park
* The Commonwealth Avenue Mall
* Copley Square Park
* The Esplanade
* Magazine Beach Park

The goal is to collect 2,000+ signatures by May 30th. There are three ways to help accomplish this:

Sign the Petition immediately
.  The online petition will be available until May 23.

Download the petition and circulate as many copies as you can in your area.

Invite other organizations and interested parties to circulate the petition among their networks.

If you would like to get involved in this important city issue, please contact Sue Prindle via email ( or phone (617-266-0212). She will collect the electronic signatures and will coordinate with you to collect the completed petitions.

Please consider supporting this cause. Together we can ensure that sunlight continues to shine on our neighborhood parks.

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