Search for the Asian Longhorned Beetle with the Friends!

Photo Courtesy of Michael Dwyer

Join us Saturday, April 16th for an Asian longhorned beetle tree survey along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. We are partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and Boston University’s Global Day of Service. Anyone is welcome to attend, and remember to bring binoculars if you have them. Register on the meetup page if you can attend!

Background: The Asian longhorned beetle is a wood-boring insect native to Asia, accidentally introduced to the USA back in the 1990s through contaminated wood packaging material. “ALB” decimates hardwood trees like maple, birch, willow, elm and horse chestnut. In August 2008, a significant infestation of this beetle was found in the Worcester area, and close to 30,000 trees have been removed in the attempt to stop the beetle’s spread. In July 2010, a small infestation of 6 trees was discovered in Boston. Extensive surveys in the Boston area have not turned up any more infested trees. The Worcester area continues to be under management with a goal of eradication.

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