The Friends at the Forty Anniversary Gala

The Friends of the Public Garden’s 40th anniversary Gala was a smashing success. Jeffrey Seward, General Manager of the Taj Boston and his staff put on an incredible dinner featuring pumpkin soup, roast lamb and a dessert display to die for!

At the beginning of the evening guests climbed the lovely winding staircase of the Taj to the second floor, where they were met by waiters with champagne, and white or red wine. A trio played in the background. Guests were invited into the Taj’s magnificent room dinning room overlooking the Public Garden where each table for ten was decorated with an arrangement of white flowers. Before dinner Co-Vice President of the Friends, Bill Clendaniel welcomed guests and spoke of the busy 40th anniversary year that culminated in this event. President Henry Lee spoke of the Legacy projects of the year including the restoration of the Brewer Fountain Plaza, and he warmly thanked the Solomon Foundation and its head David Solomon for all his help in making it possible. Proceeds from the Gala went to this project.

Following the dinner, guests danced away the evening to Music by Stardust. BTW, Executive Director of the Friends, Liz Vizza is a terrific dancer.

The predominate fashion color for both men and women was black. However, several ladies made major fashion statements in their formal , long gowns. One memorable lady wore a striking red dress and another wore green chiffon. Several ladies wore cape-like tops that looked like leaves of trees, especially appropriate for this occasion. Another beautiful blond wore an almost backless dress with her long hair flowing down her back. The Co-chairs of the event were Mrs. Peter Brooke and Mrs. Eugene B. Doggett. The entire night was a magically perfect conclusion to the Friends at Forty.

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